Sarah Akram – The Celebrity Facial Everyone Is Talking About

Sarah Akram - The Celebrity Facial Everyone Is Talking About

When it comes to my skin there are two people I trust, my dermatologist and Sarah Akram.  Working in this field, I’ve been blessed with many invitations to local spas to try out treatments. While they are all relaxing and most of them have been wonderful experiences, I’ve never walked away with results like what I see when I leave Sarah Akram’s office.

There is so much noise in the skincare field telling us what treatments we should be doing, what injections to get and what products you need to be slathering on our faces so it’s very important to find someone you trust with your skin. After trying and testing out most of the top spas in the area, it’s safe for me to say that I think that Sarah Akram is the best in the DMV, if not the entire country. Not only because you see major results when you leave but it’s because she listens to your skincare concerns and personalizes your facial to YOU! She’s a huge believer in preventative maintenance and says with monthly facials (like the ones she gives) you won’t even think twice about getting botox.

Sarah has figured out a way to achieve a balance between helping to non-surgically lift the skin, bring definition to cheek and brow bones, diminish fine lines and wrinkles and even out the pH balance of the skin. She believes that good skincare is not a quick fix, it’s an ongoing process. In addition to regular treatments, creating a regular skincare regimen as part of your daily routine is essential to maintaining healthy skin.

I’ve seen Sarah three times now in the last year but have made it my goal to try to see her at least once per quarter. My skin is very important to me as I age, so I want to be taking the best care of it I can. Along with quarterly treatments, we’ve talked about my at home skincare regimen as well. I have a load of products that are sent to me and I’ve found some really amazing ones that she recommended I continue to use but she did add one magical product to my skincare arsenal. The glorious P-50 by Biologique. If you google this, you will find many many articles about how amazing this product is and how hard it is to get. You might also read about how smelly it is, which is also true but it’s a complete game changer. You swipe it on like a toner morning and night but the results are much more dramatic than your average toner. We are talking about skin plumping, pore diminishing, overall amazing radiance almost immediately. I could go on and on but you will just have to read more about it here because we have a lot more to cover here. If you are sold on it, stop by Sarah’s office to pick up a bottle because like I said, the stuff is hard to find.

During my recent visit, we did a treatment that checked all my skincare boxes. I had seen Cynthia from The Real Housewives of Atlanta (who is 52 and looks 35) had flown to Alexandria for this treatment just a week before, so I figured it had to be good. Read more on the SA Luxury Treatment I received below plus a Q&A with Sarah Akram answering all my skincare questions!

Sarah Akram - The Celebrity Facial Everyone Is Talking About
The SA Luxury Treatment
This treatment combines a customized blend of products with cutting-edge technologies to produce immediate, remarkable results while supporting maximum skin health. Three different modalities will be applied to the skin for anti-aging, re-hydration, and rejuvenation. Enjoy a dermabrasion peel with oxygen, Sonophoresis, Microcurrent, LED Therapy, and custom SA techniques, which are administered to reduce wrinkles and strengthen tired muscles, lifting them back into their youthful shape. Feel firmer and tighter and look more radiant with just one treatment. Results are cumulative and increase with each session.

Sarah Akram Skincare

P-50 by Biologique

Q&A with Sarah Akram, Board-Certified Master Esthetician

How often do you suggest to get a facial to see optimal results?

Ideally, once a month facials are optimal for best results. However if time or budget are concerns aim for a facial once a season.


What is your take on Botox/fillers?

Botox/fillers are such a personal decision.  If you want botox/fillers, my advice is to find a highly recommended, board-certified dermatologist/plastic surgeon and be mindful of the frequency with which you are getting treatments. For what it’s worth I don’t use Botox/Fillers because I am a firm believer of getting monthly facials and sticking to an effective skincare regime tailored to your needs (both a morning and evening routine.)


What is one product that you can use at home that will help with anti-aging?

Incorporating a vitamin-A based serum into your skin care regime is a must and will be the most effective! Vitamin A is the gold standard ingredient proven to actually reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even out your complexion, and help to stimulate collagen. It is important to find a vitamin A serum that suits your skin type. My favorite is the Cquence series made by Environ, which you can exclusively purchase in the D.C.-area at my skincare boutique, Sarah Akram Skincare.


Are high-frequency devices (like the Nuderma) safe to use at home?

Yes. Devices such as nuderma, nuface, or Lightstim are perfectly safe to use at home, and in fact help with product penetration. I really believe that incorporating a gadget into your skin regime can help maximize results. I personally love the micro-needling rollers; they help to open the channels in the skin so that your products can travel directly to the cells, thus improving elasticity and the overall texture of your skin. I also typically find these devices especially effective for treating breakouts.


I’ve had a ton of facials but never experienced results like when I go to you. What makes your facials so different from other spas?

Firstly, thank you so much! I think what makes our facials at Sarah Akram distinctive is our blend of advanced skincare technologies – I’m always one of the first in the country to acquire the newest machinery and technology on the skincare market – plus, we use the most effective, non-invasive therapies and massage techniques, and only use the highest-quality, all natural products.

Sarah Akram Skincare

Ready to book with Sarah? Better call quick because there is a LONG waiting list to see her! But she’s worth the wait!

Post-facial skin, no makeup! Watch the video of my facial on IG TV!
makeup free selfie
Address: 125 South Fairfax Street, Alexandria Virginia 22314
Contact No.: (703) 531-9350


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