Water: The Worlds Most Underrated Beauty Product 

If you follow us on Instagram or are friends with us IRL, you’ve probably noticed a new trend..and we aren’t talking about animal prints. Our newest accessory that we can’t live without is our giant water (64oz) water bottle. 

We started a water challenge (on IG stories) back in April as a way to force ourselves into drinking more water. Well, I guess it’s really just me because Michelle was already drinking around 100 ounces a day. I was only drinking around 30. Yeah I know, awful. After realizing I was living in a constant state of dehydration, I figured after 35 years it was time to change that. I’ve read all the articles and been told by many doctors that water is the cure-all to most everything but for some reason, I had a really hard time consuming more. I also didn’t know how much I should drink or even how to track it. So that’s when I decided to create this challenge. 

It’s all been a learning experience for me but also a totally life changing one. After doing some research and consulting my doctor, I found that a general rule of thumb is that we should be drinking at least 50% of our body weight in ounces, plus more if you workout, sweat or drink alcohol. I weigh 130 lbs (On a good day) plus I workout and drink so I settled with 100 ounces to get going. Sounded super aggressive to me but after a few weeks it became a habit and I craved it all the time. 

I found that having the right bottle really helped me stick with my daily goal. Once I understood how much I needed to drink, all I had to do is figure out how many times to refill the bottle. 

I have been loving the 64 oz bottle bc it’s a good reminder of how much I need to drink. Some days I only finished 64 oz but that to me was still a win over my previous 30 oz. When traveling I like using the Healthish 32 oz bottle bc it’s chic AF, fits in my bag and is easy to tote around when on the go. The 64 oz bottle is the size of a small child when full, so it’s a commitment and a workout to carry around. 

Another great tip for those who think water tastes like shit is to add lemons, mint, cucumbers etc to change up the flavor. This was my go-to combo bc it reminded me of spa water. Treat yo self!

I not only created this challenge to kick my own butt in gear but I also thought if I was struggling with dehydration, that so many of you might have been too. So why not do it together? We were blown away by the number of people from all over the world, who joined the #52H20 challenge. I think the sense of challenge and competition helped us all stay honest and committed, and after 30 days so many people are still sticking with it!

Our challenge came to a close at the end of April but I’ve made a life long commitment to stay hydrated and I know many of you did too. After knowing the feeling of being TRULY hydrated, there is no going back. I feel like a brand new person! No longer sluggish and wanting 3 cups of coffee a day, no more dull/dry skin (I have a glow without highlighter), my digestion is now regular which it wasn’t before, my stomach seems flatter because I’m no longer bloated or backed up, my metabolism is working faster, I have more energy and have been sleeping better. You guys, I’m not even kidding! And I wasn’t the only one seeing these benefits, so many of our challengers were too! It’s just as simple as drinking water, which is essentially free! No luxury beauty product or pill can give you these benefits..just water. 

I had to share this because I was a skeptic myself. But the benefits completely outweigh the negatives of drinking more water, which the only one I could find is the amount you have to pee. But this is something that you will get used to in time and your bladder will adjust as well. So if you really want better skin, digestion, sleep, energy and a flatter stomach then all you have to do is drink water. It’s really as simple as that! So drink up kids and let us know how it goes!

Water: The Worlds Most Underrated Beauty Product 

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