Unicorn Vomit: A Beer Of Mythical Proportions

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Unicorn Vomit: A Beer Of Mythical Proportions

It all started in our backyard. There was a nip in the breeze, a full moon, the planets perfectly aligned and magic in the air.  Three weeks before my birthday celebration, we lit the flame, tossed in the ingredients, and Unicorn Vomit was born.

Originally planned to be a double IPA, but after I purchased too much malt at the home-brew store and Casey didn’t notice until it was too late, our beer turned out to be a big 12% Triple IPA.  It’s boozy wallop created quite a created a few epic stories from the birthday party, dozens of hangovers and (probably) even a baby or two. I was sorry, but not too sorry…

My husband has been home brewing for years and some of his beers are better than others (sorry babe) but this one is certainly my favorite. Not just because I came up with the idea and the name (pretty catchy right?) but because it tastes really damn good.

So good in fact, that our good friends at Aslin Beer Company (also our favorite brewery) decided to let us “turn it” aka brew it on a commercial scale.  Not only is this lifetime bragging rights for a home brewer (and the wife of a home brewer aka me),  it was really an incredible thing to be part of the process start to finish.

We brewed Unicorn Vomit at Aslin during the solar eclipse just to make sure it was extra magical. Everything I learned that day, from the brewing process, getting to press the button to send the beer down to the whirlpool, conditioning it on hundreds of pounds of watermelons and even getting to help out on the canning line was really freaking cool.  The result was everything I had hoped it would be and I’m so thankful to the Kai, Andrew, Joel, Richard and the rest of the guys at Aslin for letting me hang out and participate in making this mythical beer come to life.

So enough with the build up.  Release day is finally here and Unicorn Vomit (a Watermelon Triple IPA) is dropping at Aslin Beer Co this afternoon, September 7th at 3:00 PM.  So get in your car right now and get in line because you want this beer, you need this beer, it will (probably) change your life and it will sell out fast. While I realize that this all might sound slightly absurd coming from a fashion blogger, I know good IPA.

Unicorn Vomit is sneaky good with it’s juicy watermelon goodness that drinks like a DIPA but at 12.8% ABV, it’s certainly a #TRIPA that packs a serious punch while still being completely enjoyable for all types of beer lovers.

And even if Unicorn Vomit sells out, which it will,  all four of this weeks releases look super tasty. Aslin is rolling out their popular Orange Starfish, Hazy Orange Tears, Anthemic, and Master of Oranges. All are highly rated and proven crowd pleasers so you literally can’t go wrong if you take the trip to Herndon today.  Just be sure to bring a folding chair and prepare to make some friends in line.

See you there, Ill be the one wearing the Unicorn Onesie.


Unicorn Vomit

Eclipse 2017

Aslin Beer Co

Aslin Beer Co

Unicorn Vomit: A Beer Of Mythical Proportions

Insider Tips: 

To get the most magical drinking experience, be sure to roll your can on its side before pouring into a glass.

Only 60 cases produced, $20 per 4-pack. Limits of two 4-packs per person.

257 Sunset Park Dr.
Herndon, VA 20170

Unicorn Vomit

NOT sponsored, just love these guys.



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    Brandi Matthews
    September 9, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    I love this! So want to try this!!!
    Happy Saturday Babe!
    Xx Brandi

    • Reply
      September 12, 2017 at 9:37 am

      It’s so good! Right now it’s just in VA but when they brew more, maybe I can send you some!

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