10 Tips To Keep Your Nutrition On Track While Traveling

10 Tips To Keep Your Nutrition On Track While Traveling

10 Tips To Keep Your Nutrition On Track While Traveling

Staying on track with your nutrition while traveling can be tricky (but not impossible!) Whether you are tracking your macros on our #52DayShred program or if you are following paleo or Whole 30 diets, it can be challenging to stick with it when you are on the road. So many temptations at your fingertips, just waiting to throw you off track. So instead of giving in and giving up while you travel, we’ve come up with our top 10 travel tips to keep your progress going even while on your trip.

10 Tips To Keep Your Nutrition On Track While Traveling

  1. Bring portable workout equipment with you (i.e. jump rope, resistance bands, sliders). Our weekly workouts can be done almost anywhere, including hotel gyms. Any hotel room can also be turned into a workout space with a few feet of floor space, some bodyweight exercises, and a little creativity!
  2. Looking for a CrossFit box while you’re out of town? Download The Drop In App! Find the nearest box, pay to drop in, and sign the waiver automatically, wherever in the world you go. Show up and workout—the rest is done before you arrive.
  3. Request a mini-fridge and microwave for your hotel room (you can tell a small white lie and say it’s for medical purposes). Go to your nearest grocery store and buy healthy items that are easy to prep without a full kitchen and store them in the refrigerator.
  4. Buy or bring snacks to keep with you on the go, such as protein bars, rice cakes, jerky, fruits, nuts, etc. Be sure to eat every few hours to avoid overindulging on larger meals when traveling without a kitchen to prep.
  5. Bring your food scale and measuring cup with you to weigh and measure your food. There’s no shame in explaining to the waiter at the restaurant you’re trying to stick to your nutrition goals and weigh your food at the table.
  6. Know where you’re going out to eat? Check the restaurant’s website for nutrition facts before you dine out and calculate your meal into MyFitnessPal beforehand. You’ll be less tempted to order something spontaneously if you have it preselected in advance.
  7. When a restaurant doesn’t list the nutrition facts, itemize each part of your meal rather than searching for the name of the meal. For example, “Chicken Caesar Salad”, should be inputted as, “grilled chicken, lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing” for greater accuracy.
  8. Want to save on calories? Ask for a to-go box when you order your food and cut the portion in half before you start eating. Bonus Tip: Ask for no butter or oil on everything to save on fat.
  9. Use level 2 or 3 of macro tracking—Ensure you hit your protein macro, and then let carbs and fats fall where they may; if you’re really feeling stuck, simply try to hit your caloric goals for a few days when you can’t track everything fully.
  10. If you fall off the wagon a little while you’re away, DON’T feel discouraged when you get back to your regular schedule and environment. Get right back on track and know that in a few days of routine you’ll be feeling back to normal!

Happy and safe travels!

-Coach Nikki @salt.n.peppah

Looking for extra accountability to help you achieve those goals? We’re here to help! Email us at [email protected] to join the list for our next #52DayShred challenge starting this April 30th, 2018.  We have three new options and levels you can join us at, so there is something for everyone. Find more information on the program here.

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