Working Out On The Road








IMG_9260Sarah is wearing: Bra Top: Nike; Leggings: Lululemon-sold out (similar here and here); Sweatshirt: Nike; Sneakers: Adidas; Sunglasses: Rayban.

Working Out On The Road

Keeping up with your fitness routine can be a challenge when on the road. You don’t have your usual facilities or all of your workout gear that you have become accustom to using with you, which makes things super inconvenient and why most of us take some time off from the gym when traveling. I usually take it easy when I am on the road as well but since I have been traveling more than usual lately, I have been trying harder to fit my workouts in so I don’t completely fall out of my workout regimen.

Currently I am competing in the Crossfit Open, which is a competition where you compete against other Crossfit athletes, in your division, around the entire world. I am participating in the women’s 200 level scaled division, which has still been kicking my butt but I was determined not to sit out a round (15.3) while traveling in Israel this week. Casey and I found the local Crossfit gym in Tel Aviv, dropped in, did our workouts and were able to post our scores (I got 754 reps) from the other side of the world. Pretty darn cool.

No matter how you work out or what your thing is, you can always find a way to fit in a run on the beach or a quick workout in your hotel room if you can’t find your gym affiliate. Also, be strategic when packing, make sure to pack a pair of shoes that will double as your exploring shoes and also get your through your workouts. Make sure your clothing is also versatile and easily washable if you plan to use them a few times. All-in-one workout tops with built in bras are perfect for travel as well as fun leggings that can be worn for leisure or loungewear when you aren’t sweating it out.

We all deserve a break every now and then but when we work so hard at home to achieve health and fitness, so why would we give it all up so easily when we are away on vacation? I find it 10x harder to get back in the gym after a long break. What are your thoughts on working out while traveling and do you have any exercises secrets that you pack away with you? We want to hear! Please comment below and share your secrets, we always love hearing what other women are doing!

These were just a few photos on the way to our Crossfit workout in Tel Aviv, I will be posting a full article and Video blog soon on my trip to Israel, so be sure to check back soon!



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