Baby Bedtime Routine: 6 Helpful Tips

The first few weeks were rough. It’s still tough but each week is getting better and I’m beginning to establish a routine and get used to my new life. By new life I mean completely sleep deprived while working on getting baby Adaline on a bedtime routine!

I was so excited when her lil’ umbilical cord fell off because she could finally have a bath. Which meant we could finally start a bedtime routine for her. She wasn’t sleeping through the night before, with on and off feedings whenever she woke up which was quite often. I even delayed putting her to bed because honestly I was scared of the result, which wasn’t sleep! But now with implicating baths before hand, lathering her up with lotion, swaddling her and gently placing her in her Dock A Tot with the baby shusher on, she is beginning to sleep a bit longer because she knows it’s bedtime!

Here are 6 tips to try in your baby’s bedtime routine that I found helpful …

  1. Bath Time: Begin with a warm bath and a nice lotion massage. Adaline loves the Baby Mantra calming lotion at night. The smell is soothing and puts her right at ease.
  2. Swaddle: Invest in a few good swaddles to help prevent baby from waking up due to their startle reflex.
  3. Bedtime story: To me it’s never too early. Your voice helps sooth your baby.
  4. Gently Rock Baby: Give a few cuddles with some sleepy words or sushing noises.
  5. White Noise: We have a humidifier and fan going at night for comforting white noise.
  6. Limit Daytime Naps: Don’t let baby sleep past the 2 hour mark. You want baby awake more in the day to sleep longer at night.

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Masek Baby Swaddle

The DockATot has been a life saver for us. I rave about this product because it really has been a game changer. She sleeps so well in her cozy little bed during naps and in the evening and gives mommy a sense of relief when she is in there. I could list all the safety features and quality certifications but I’ll just link them here!

Dock A Tot Deluxe

Swaddles by Masek Baby

I’m seriously blessed with this little angel of mine. Finally having her on a bedtime routine makes both baby and mommy and daddy happy. Did I mention the fur baby? He sure is happy too, other than getting booted out of his normal snuggle spot. Sowwie Louis.


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