Barbour – Introducing The All New 4oz Wax Jacket

Barbour – Introducing The All New 4oz Wax Jacket

Barbour 4 oz Wax Jackets

Barbour 4 oz Wax Jackets

Michelle and I have been long-time customers and fans of the Barbour brand since as long as we can remember. So when we were asked to help Barbour launch their new line of light-weight spring jackets, we were absolutely thrilled! We already owned a wide variety of Barbour staples but their new 4oz Wax Collection has to be our favorite by far. The light-weight fabric in these new jackets is perfect for both LA’s gorgeous weather and the unpredictable weather we experience here in DC. With spring only weeks away, sunny beach days, cherry blossoms, and light spring jackets are the only things that we can think of at this point!

To kick off the launch of the new 4oz wax jacket collection, we did a little Q and A with Barbour to share a little about who we are and why Barbour has been a staple brand in our closets for years!

Barbour 4 oz Wax Jackets
Q. Your social channels and blog do a great job of showcasing your personal styles. When did you first get into blogging and being social influencers and how have your styles involved? Why did you make the decision to co-own your blog and do you take style inspiration from each other?

A. We first stepped foot into the blogging world around 5 years ago, I can’t believe it’s been that long! We were sorority sisters and both were fashion majors in college and always dreamt of having a business together, so after toying with a few ideas we finally settled on a starting a blog. Thursday was always our wine night in college, so we decided to call it 52 Thursdays!

When we first started out, we had no idea what we were doing. We shared DIY projects, recipes and the occasional mirror selfie. It’s pretty funny to look back at what we were blogging about at the very beginning. A lot has changed since then and we have learned a ton of about blogging and the industry. But the blogging business is always changing and evolving just like our style. I used to dress super girly back when we started out and I would never be caught dead without a pair of heels on. Now I rarely wear them! Michelle and I may live on opposite coasts with very different climates but somehow we still tend to have a very similar sense of style. But I think we also influence one another to try new things as well. – Sarah

That’s so flattering! Let’s just say it took us a looooong time to get where we are and establish the goals and dreams we had always envisioned and are still chasing. Honestly, we were not quite sure what those were up until maybe 3 years ago. We both have always loved fashion and would make up excuses to get together every Thursday to talk shop until we finally took the plunge on our baby, FiVy-Two Thursdays. I think we can both honestly admit that we would tend to “dress to impress” for outfits when we first started but over time have really discovered our own styles and dressing for ourselves to relate better to others as well as staying true to ourselves. – Michelle

Q. How does living on opposite coasts influence your content?

A. Living on opposite coasts has been challenging for us at times but it’s also been a really great excuse to plan yearly visits to see each other. While it can be hard to make sure our content and message stays consistent, we find that having a west coast and east coast perspective has opened many more doors for us. Not only do we have a strong following in DC, we are now building a large following in LA and other large cities as well. When we are in the dead of winter here in DC, it’s always nice to see what Michelle is up to in sunny LA. Keeps things fun and interesting! – Sarah

I won’t lie, it has been a challenge. I would love nothing more than to call up Sarah for a lunch date to discuss business, snap photos and have some vino. Can’t really do that on the opposite coast, but at least I have better weather 😉 It has however helped grow our following, along with introduce us to new friends, influencers and companies. We love having two different perspectives as well. DC and LA are completely opposite as far as fashion, however, Sarah and I do tend to gravitate toward similar styling with a different climate twist. It’s crazy how we can be almost 3k miles away yet still be on the same wavelength. – Michelle

Q. How have your evolving personal lives shaped the content you create?

We started our blog 5 years ago, so as you can imagine, a lot has changed since then. I got married, we bought our first home, rescued another pup, started my own business and Michelle moved to LA with her husband and they welcomed their daughter, Adeline into the world last year! As we have grown, so has our blog and you can see that in our content and writing. We try to stay as authentic as we can to our readers and to share most of our life experiences with them. People come to our site looking for advice or a place to escape their day and we hope that our life experiences have helped them along the way! -Sarah

Woah. So this past year has been a complete life change. One that I never could have imagined. Challenging, overwhelming, exhausting yet somehow all at the same time rewarding, exhilarating and exciting. Talk about mood swings! I have always wanted to stay true to who I am and what I represent through this blog. Now that I am a mom and have our own little family, I want to share my experiences with others, the good and the ugly. It has been an amazing and very welcoming experience to expand our following with others going through the same life-changing experiences. – Michelle

Q. Tell us about your first Barbour experience.

A. I grew up in the equestrian scene in Virginia, so Barbour was always around! From the horse shows to the grocery store, you could always spot someone sporting a Barbour jacket in my home-town. I didn’t get my first Barbour until after college though and boy was it a life changer. My Beadnell is the ultimate fall jacket and a staple piece in my wardrobe. I love traveling with it and still wear it out to the farm when I visit my family and our horses! – Sarah

My mom actually had one that I would borrow and wear excessively in high school. It was a black, cropped, lightweight jacket that stayed on all day. Then when I headed off to college, I had to give it back. It was a sad day. – Michelle

Q. What does the future look like for 52Thursdays?

I see 52 Thursdays evolving with Michelle and I as we mature and as our families grow. I think we will end up sharing more travel, fitness and wellness content in the next few years and I am sure a few of our mini me’s will start making appearances soon too! We are really excited about the future of 52 Thursdays! – Sarah

We want to continue to be true and realistic sharing our everyday life experiences as well as our growths. Who knows, 5 years from now we may both have 2 kiddos of our own or more (gasp!) but every step we intend to share. We only hope that we continue to connect and relate to our followers because that’ what matters most. – Michelle

Q. What’s your favorite piece from the 4oz Lightweight Wax collection? Why?

A. I love the Durham because it’s the perfect jacket for spring in DC. The weather here can be unpredictable, so having a lightweight jacket with a hood that’s perfect for layering pieces underneath is key. You never know if there’s going to be a cold snap, if it’s going to pour down rain or if the humidity is going to take a turn for the worse but this jacket is great for whatever the weather throws our way! – Sarah

I loooooove the lightweight Beadnell jacket. Everyone thinks “who needs a jacket in LA” but as soon as that sun goes down, trust me, you need a jacket. Not a heavy jacket, just the perfect, summer, lightweight staple jacket to conveniently pack in your bag and take out to keep you nice and cozy to snuggle up on the beach. – Michelle

Q. What could we find in the pocket of your Barbour jacket?

I always have a pair of aviator sunglasses and my pot of lip balm handy. These two items are actually in my Durham 4oz as we speak! – Sarah

My iPhone. I know, so original. But it’s true. I have my work schedule, blog schedule, baby schedule, every schedule all on this little device. Plus, as soon as baby A gets cranky, you better believe I am whipping out Sesame Street’s “What’s The Number Of The Day” song to calm her down in public. – Michelle

Q. Where are your favorite places to explore in DC  during the springtime?

A. My favorite thing to do in the spring is to walk through the cherry blossoms when they bloom. It’s so unbelievably pretty to see their blooms surround the tidal basin and the monuments in DC. It is a tourist destination, so unfortunately you have to share your view with hundreds of thousands of people but its well worth it! – Sarah

My husband and I absolutely love discovering new beaches. Springtime is the best time, because it’s not dreadfully hot, yet the nights get a bit cooler which makes for the perfect time to explore with a lightweight jacket. Now of course with baby, we have yet to make our way to the sandy beaches, but as soon as the weather allows we will be sharing all of the experiences we enjoy so much with her! – Michelle

Barbour 4 oz Wax Jackets

Discover the SS18 Lightweight Wax collection, available at Orvis.

Photos by Emma Weiss and SloDak Photography


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