5 Flattering Swimsuits For Your Winter Getaway

5 Flattering Swimsuits For Your Winter Getaway + Tips On Shopping for YOUR Body Type!
5 Flattering Swimsuits For Your Winter Getaway

Nothing is better than escaping the blistering cold weather in the mid of winter for warm sandy beaches. Oh and pina coladas, you can’t forget about those!

I recently took a trip to St. John (USVI) and packed along some of my favorite and most flattering swimsuits to date. Many of you asked for links, so I thought I would make it easy and share them all right here (hover over images below my photos and click to shop)! But before I do that I wanted to share a bit of swim shopping advice because shopping for swimwear can really suck so I want to make it suck the least for you.

L Space Ribbed Bikini

Swim Shopping Tips:

Shopping for swimwear can be difficult and even harder when doing so online but after trying all kinds of suits on, I would have to say I am an expert on what looks best on MY body.  I own just around 150 suits but only wear around 10 of them and here’s why.

The trick is learning what looks best on YOUR body type and sticking to those styles. It might look good on your friend or on the model online but if it’s not right for your shape, you will be highly disappointed! This took me many years to learn..

I would classify my  “body-type” as athletic and more of a boy shape. I don’t have much when it comes to curves so I have to get strategic with my suits to try to play up the barely-there curves that I have. So once you know what your body type is and what necklines and cuts are your favorites, look for those kinds of suits.

Maaj Swim

For me, I know that halter tops, racer backs or anything that ties in the middle of my chest looks the best on me. I don’t have much going on in the chest department, so sinching it in gives the illusion of cleavage. Straight tube tops look TERRIBLE on me! I have tried to make them work multiple times but have thrown in the towel on that trend.

Tavik Slinky Rib

When it comes to bottoms, I either need a low low rise or a high rise with high cut legs. If I’m going to wear a high rise bottom, the leg needs to be high cut as well or I will look like short legged and my mid-section will look about 2 inches tall. I’ve learned this because I’ve tried them all and finally found 2 high rise bottoms that I am OBSESSED with. They both hold your stomach in and have tops that are exactly what I need for my body type. Both featured above.

Tavik Penelope Cut Out Swim

I also love one-pieces but you also need to be wary when buying these as well because they are not created equally. Same rules apply, ask yourself what looks good on your body? Think of the same suggestions I gave for neckline and leg cut but apply them to a one-piece. Some one-pieces make me look like I have no torso so I don’t buy them. I already have a short torso but I want to try to elongate it not cut it in half.

So don’t get discouraged when shopping for swimwear, just stick to what you know looks good and find various fabrics and patterns within those styles (don’t know your body type? Click here for body type suggestions).  Bc being trendy doesn’t matter when you’re on the beach half nude, it’s about having fun and feeling confident in your skin. So find a suit that compliments that! I love shopping at South Moon Under because they have tons of styles that you can try on in store, YEAR ROUND! Happy shopping loves! And I hope you travel somewhere nice and warm this winter! 🙂





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