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IMG_5732 Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning to a personalized update that gave you everything you needed to know before you started your day? No more stepping outside in your pjs to see if it has snowed 3 feet or if it’s 70 degrees and sunny. Seriously, you just never know these days! We found a solution that has been a total life saver that is extremely reliable and even has jokes. Poncho, is a new weather app that sends you personalized updates, specific to your area, with friendly and quirky weather and traffic reports. It’s like being friends with your local weather man….but better. We were intrigued when we heard what this app could do, so we immediately downloaded Poncho to give it a try.

We had to share our experience with Poncho with you because since downloading this handy app it has made our lives so much easier when getting ready in the morning. Planning outfits and managing our hair has become way more easy now that we can rely on Poncho in the morning. “Managing your hair you say?” Yea that’s right, you can manage and edit your account to alert you of high frizz days and wind speed. How we style our hair is just as important as our outfits, so knowing if it’s a braid kind of day before finding out the hard way has become a total life saver.

Poncho doesn’t stop there. This little buddy will send traffic reports depending on our daily route along with parking and pollen alerts. Just set your alarm through poncho and you will wake up to all the information you need to take on your day.


Poncho Foot cardigan socks Poncho

If you are looking for tailored weather and travel reports that will make your your morning routine a whole lot easier, check out our new buddy, Poncho. With the help of this new app, we will all have less bad hair days in our future!


Sarah and Michelle


This is a sponsored partnership with Poncho.

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