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Simplify your life … who wouldn’t want to?

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Before baby girl entered this world, I knew life was going to become a bit of a struggle. But  never did I realize how difficult it all would be in reality. With the lack of sleep while working a full time job, waking up and coming home to another full time job, cooking, cleaning and somehow blogging … I have NO time on my hands.

It’s all about prioritizing my life, which means baby ALWAYS comes first and I come last. Because of that, I tend to neglect some pretty important things, like renewing my contact prescription. I don’t have time to go to the doctor, and to be quite frank can barely remember to even fill my prescription until I use my last contact. (Please note the cracked iPhone below that I have yet to fix because it’s the last of my priorities.)

So when I heard about Simple Contacts, naturally I was intrigued. Fulfill you contact prescriptions with a few simple steps online without having to go anywhere?!?  Ok. Count me in, because I barely have time to shower these days. My life now is all about simplifying anything and everything possible, and that is exactly what Simple Contacts does. They have created a way for you to take your annual eye-exam literally from your couch – saving you both time and money (around $150/yr). Done and done. And to order more contacts, it’s a simple click of the button.

Now I can spend even more time with my pride and joy.

eye exam

simple contacts


Simplify your eye doctor experience and have your next regular contact prescription shipped straight to your door. Try for yourself and receive $30 off your first purchase with code FIFTY30



*this company does not take the place of an eye health test, which is recommended every 4-5 years!
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