Maternity Clothes can be so daunting and unnecessary. I learned this from the first pregnancy and made sure the second go around not to waist my time and money. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few essentials I did pick up that will for sure come in handy like maternity leggings and tank support. My go to’s are from Branqi for basics. You will for sure be thankful for those come third trimester but for the most part a few cute dresses and styling techniques can carry you through out all 3 trimesters and beyond!

Here are a few things to look out for when shopping and styling for that bump plus some pieces I own and love. Find pieces that you will feel confident wearing years to come even after the baby! Don’t waist your money on pieces you won’t wear again, save it for the million other things the new babe will need.

  1. Sundress: Of course this is more helpful in the Spring and Summer but an empire waist dress or tent dress is perfect for that growing belly. In the colder seasons find a longer style and pair with a crop jacket.
  2. Biker Shorts: I have been living in biker shorts and an oversized Tee or sweatshirt this entire pregnancy. That is all thanks to quarantine and staying comfortable and chic inside.
  3. Fitted Dress: Show that belly off with a fitted, knit dress. Depending on the season, there are some great long and short options that you can easily layer when needed feeling effortlessly styled and fashionable.
  4. Crop tee: Get yourself a crop tee since you can’t tuck your shirt in. I love Everlane’s classic styles. A crop tee thrown over a fitted dress or high waisted skirt/ pant creates a styled look with out too much thought. Just make sure you get one that isn’t itchy. Your belly will become much more sensitive and irritable.

Styling Techniques

  1. Belts: They will become your best friend and the perfect accessory to finish styling those summer dresses. I usually size up to ensure I can wear for an empire waist with baby and later for a regular waist belt.
  2. Opposites Attract: If you are wearing biker shorts or leggings pair it back to something oversized like a tee or blazer. If you are wearing baggy sweats, combat them with a fitted onesie or crop tank. Fitted dress, throw on an oversized cardigan. You get the idea, but too much baggage will leave you feeling ,well … big! And too much fit can leave you feeling uncomfortable.
  3. Accessories: Try layering necklaces with a simple white tee or fitted dress or throw on a hat to finish the look. Since styling and wearing multiple pieces can get a bit more complicated these days, the jewelry or hat can act as your 2nd and 3rd layer.
  4. Less is More: Honestly, don’t over think it too much. Find pieces that you feel confident and comfortable in! Stay true to your style but don’t over complicate it.

Linking a few styles above that I own and love plus a few others that I hope may inspire any future mama’s out there. Congrats, and happy growing!

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