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I know this is crazy, but I haven’t had my vision checked in over five years. My eyes rarely bother me and my vision has always seemed to be fine. However, it is recommended to get an eye exam annually, so I figured it was definitely time for me to get checked!

I’m a busy lady, so quick and painless appointments are what I’m all about. I visited the Grand Opening of the new LensCrafters at Ballston Quarter. The associates there streamlined everything so it was seamless. I was amazed at the high-tech experience, and the assistant and optometrist I saw were both extremely professional and put me at ease. I’m not a fan of doctors’ visits, they always give me anxiety. However, with the immaculate new store design and the care of the doctor and the associates, this didn’t feel like a doctors’ appointment at all – more like a visit to a really chic boutique. 

The actual eye exam was a breeze. LensCrafters offers a digital eye exam that is efficient, but extremely precise and very thorough. It was so thorough that surprisingly, the doctor discovered a slight astigmatism in my left eye. An astigmatism is nothing harmful that will affect my day to day, but I did notice with the prescription they recommended that I could see so much clearer. Due to the fact that I’m in front of my computer all the time, the doctor also recommended that I add blue light filtering lenses to protect my eyes from straining. 

After reviewing my exam and confirming my prescription with the doctor, I was guided through the store to select the perfect pair of frames. I was astounded by how many amazing designer options were available to me in the new Ballston Quarter location. I felt like I was in heaven! It was a tough choice between Prada, Versace, Michael Kors, and Bulgari. Thanks to their MyLook app (which helps you compare how a frame looks on you on an iPad) I was able to make a confident decision on what looked best. After a bit of debating, I ended up choosing the Versace frame. They had a unique flare, but were still versatile enough to go with anything.

I’m so excited to for the frames I picked – they are definitely going to spice up my look and add a bold statement to my everyday outfits. It’s even better that I’ll be seeing brilliantly and protecting my eyes from strain, all while looking super stylish. LensCrafters made the entire process stress-free, and I may have to admit that I will be back for a second pair soon!

I’ve never seen more clearly and felt more fashionable. I’m obsessed and know you will be too! Check out the brand new location at Ballston Quarter just in time for back to school and your new fall wardrobe! They have great options to suit your whole family, and you can even book your eye exam online. 

Find photos from the Grand Opening event below. We had so much fun hosting this event with our friend and fellow blogger, Alicia Tenise!


Seeing Is Believing - LensCrafters

LensCrafters Ballston Quarter Opening Party

LensCrafters Ballston Quarter Opening Party

LensCrafters Ballston Quarter Opening Party


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