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If you are like us and have been completely stumped when trying to think of worth-while holiday gifts for the special men in your lives, well join the club. Year after year we have struggled to come up with gift ideas that our husbands would actually be excited about, sometimes we succeed and other times we fail miserably. So this year we cut out the guess work and went straight to the source. We asked our husbands to assist us in creating a guide to help our fellow clueless female shoppers find the perfect holiday gift for their men. Here are their picks that they guarantee will bring you gift giving success:

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1. Redwing Boots, 2. Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones, 3. Guide To Urban Moonshining Book, 4. Shinola Watch, 5. SOL Survival Kit, 6. Mens Leather Briefcase, 7. Coolest Cooler, 8. Ragg Wool Cap, 9. Big Spur Feather Bowtie.

While we have never been asked to contribute to 52 Thursdays before, we regularly get asked our opinions about things we usually have less than zero knowledge of. Usually we are asked to choose between two frilly shirts or 3 colors of lip gloss for a photo shoot or feature, and while we are usually wrong, this time we knew we couldn’t be, so we jumped at the chance to help the other dudes out there get slightly cooler gifts for Christmas.

We can’t speak for all men but we are pretty simple guys and when it comes to gifts from our wives we admittedly are nightmares to shop for. We would rather take a back rub and a favorite dinner than a new sweater but if you need to put something under the tree these are all solid options.

Redwings: These are solid timeless boots.  Handmade in Minnesota with crazy good service, free touch ups and even replacement laces. The look better the more you beat them up and use them so you can’t go wrong there.  The only issue you might have is the sizing runs about a half size larger than normal.  If he’s a 13.5 like me the 13’s will fit just fine.

Bose QC headphones: If your man travels for work he probably already has these, if he doesn’t he needs them right now.  The noise canceling is the best in the industry and helps to reduce fatigue and jet lag.  I never head to the airport without them and once bought a pair at the airport after leaving my pair at home.

Books about making booze:  I like to learn how to make just about everything, I like booze and I try to make it.  Urban Moonshining is illegal but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

Shinola Watch: An American watch company producing goods in the 313! If you don’t support made in Detroit, then we can’t be friends.

SOL Survival Kit: Deep down most dudes have a little bit of prepper in them, the thought that we could all be thrown into a survival situation gets me fired up, this kit is cool and even if you never needed it it’s a good thing to throw in your car or camping kit.

Leather Briefcase: Once again this is a solid leather making company that uses tough hide and will last forever, if your man is still carrying a backpack in his 30’s you might want to take a look at getting him something like this.

Coolest Cooler: 60,000+ backers on kickstarter, why? Because it’s awesome, name something this cooler can’t do.

TOPO Designs Rag Hat: Keeps your head warm, makes for a good stocking stuffer and is made right here in the USA.

Brackish Bow Tie: Is that a bow tie that is handmade from some of the finest known bird feathers? Yes, and it’s not just a bow tie, it’s a piece of art. Weddings, work, shirt/tie functions, etc. if you see another man wearing one these, you shake his hand – that man is what I call “good people”, and he has good taste.

So there it is, the 52 Thursdays Husband’s Approved gift guide.  Happy shopping.

Casey & Phil


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