The Silver Lining Within Yourself

Pink Wall

“Every cloud has a silver lining.” -it’s refreshing to go about life with such optimism and positivity. However it is not always the easiest, I and many others can vouch to this as well.

This outfit post inspired me to dig a bit deeper and reflect on myself. I’m sure you have seen this pink wall before. It’s all over IG, we’ve featured it in the past and it won’t be the last that we do because the color is just too fun. Shooting at this location can be awkward at times when you have people constantly watching, driving by, or simply judging you as they’re taking their shots. But then a little boy and his dad approached me and wanted to take a picture with me and in that moment I was reminded of how non serious this is.

I am shy and I tend to over analyze and over think anything and everything. I’m one to call out my flaws and unfortunately be more of a “glass half empty” girl at times. The older I get though, the more I’ve opened up, accepted and actually retained knowledge and experiences. Like so many others, I’m on that journey to finding oneself.

So thanks to the pink wall and all it’s glory got me thinking of finding ways to find the silver lining within myself. I wanted to share just a few things about myself that maybe you can relate to and tips that I conjured up to think half full!

  1. Shy = Reflective: I prefer the company of a few close friends over a party and was never the first to raise my hand in class. On the bright side, I appreciate quality over quantity and like to gather my thoughts before rushing.
  2. Disorganized = Creative: I try not to be disorganized in life but hey it happens and with that I have been trying to naturally find the beauty with in the chaos. Sketching and painting is always a good outlet for me and helps me get lost in my thoughts which at times can feel disorganized.
  3. Stubborn = Persistent: My husband can testify but I like to use this “dedicated force of will” at work to tackle difficult projects and situations head on until my goal is achieved. And to my husband if he may be reading this … I will work on saying sorry as a sign of strength and not as a sign of weakness.


Bag Borrow or Steal

Zimmerman Jumpsuit


Chanel Boy Bag

Taylor Cole

Fashion Blogger

Bag Borrow or Steal

Wearing- Romper (Zimmermann); Bag (Chanel via Bag Borrow or Steal); Shoes (Vince Camuto); Sunglasses (Top Shop)




Photo credit thanks to the lovely Taylor Cole

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