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Here we go again. Our Wednesday lineup of all the latest and greatest internet finds we are sharing with you. Creating an excuse for you to celebrate Wine-down Wednesday every week with some fun stuff to read up on. Don’t forget to join in on the fun and send us the amazing things you find too! We want to feature you, so please comment below or email us at fiftytwothursdays@gmail.com with your name and link/photo for consideration in our next post. You can also tag photos you would like us to share on Instagram by tagging us at @fiftytwothursdays and by using the #52WTFWednesdays hashtag. (more…)

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Being friends for the past 8 years and business partners for the last 2 made it a little rough on the both of us when Michelle got the news she was moving to LA. We knew there would be no more Thursday wine nights, happy hours, shopping dates, blog get togethers and that alone brought both of us to tears. It has taken some adjustment since the move but we still communicate daily, FaceTime and talk on the phone when ever possible which is great but still doesn’t replace our time together. So after a few months of Michelle settling in to her new life in LA, Sarah knew she had to make the trip out west to visit her long lost bestie.


So what do besties do?! They wear matching bathing suits to roof top pools. lol. Our friends at Karla Colletto reached out to us at the perfect time, right before Sarah’s trip so that we could try out our new favorite suits together with a drink in hand.

We were especially excited about these suits because they were custom designed by Karla Colletto to celebrate Everything But Water’s 30th anniversary! The plunging neckline and cutouts with a vibrant red color makes for a flirty, fun feel. But what we really love about these suits are the strategically placed piping details that are quite flattering and seriously hold you in, in all the right places. Perfect for any girl looking to make a statement and feel confident doing so. (more…)

52 Interesting People: Meet Alexis Bittar

As 52 Thursdays evolves, we keep taking your ideas and suggestions and we strive to give you all compelling, interesting and useful content. When one of our lovely readers wrote to us suggesting that they would love to see more designer spotlights, we got to thinking and soon enough a new series was born from that reader’s email. We are excited to finally introduce this new series to you all that we have been working extremely hard on for the past few months, called 52 Interesting People. This new series will consist of 52 interviews with the most influential people in the fashion, food, beauty and fitness industries and we will be sharing all of them with you.

It was only fitting to kick off our new series with world renowned jewelry designer, Alexis Bittar, since his DC store just opened its doors last week. Sarah had the pleasure to meet Alexis at the DC opening and he was just as charming as the beautiful jewels he creates. See his interview below:

Sucker for all White


Hey guys! So it’s been a minute since I’ve done an outfit post. If you have been following our Instagram @fiftytwothursdays, then you are aware that I recently moved to the Golden State. The sky is clear and the flowers are always blooming – no complaints here. (more…)


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We hope everyone has already poured their “well deserved”, “half way through the week” glass of wine and ready to sit down and read our weekly WTF (What 52Thursdays Finds) Wednesdays Series! Where we continue to share our favorite links, Instagram accounts, juicy gossip, awesome tutorials, bad-ass stories, and overall internet goodness with you all.


Tips from Sephora Pro MakeUp Artist Helen Phillips

We love beauty products as much as the next girl but sometimes we just feel lost when it comes to picking out the right moisturizer or foundation. There are so many choices out there that claim to do it all, so how would you know what actually does what it says? We decided to stop guessing and went straight to the source to get the answers. We tracked down our long time friend and Sephora Pro Makeup Artist, Helen Phillips, and asked her a few questions about what products she loves and how in just a few short years she is at the top of her industry.

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“After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF!”

Ok guys, we are half way through the week. And that, to us, is an accomplishment. So reward yourself with a hefty glass of wine and enjoy our weekly round up of #52WTFWednesdays. We are sharing our favorite links, Instagram accounts, juicy gossip, awesome tutorials, bad-ass stories, and overall internet goodness with you all.

Again, If you have a link or a photo you would like us to share, please comment below or email us at fiftytwothursdays@gmail.com with your name and link/photo for consideration in our next post. You can also tag photos you would like us to share on Instagram by using @fiftytwothursdays and the #52WTFWednesdays hashtag.


Get Glowing with our top 10 Self Tanners

top 10 self tanners

Alright ladies, Summer is upon us and it’s time to get glowing! The safest and most cost efficient way to do so can conveniently be achieved in the comfort of your own home. After the long winter I’m sure all of our legs could use a little shimmer before they make their appearance. To help with that, we rounded up our top 10 picks for the best self tanning products out there to help you guys explore your options! (more…)

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