Winter Sales & Splurges

Shopping is a personal thing. We all have different styles, budgets and looks we are trying to achieve. So when it comes to your go-to store, we may all have different opinions and thats a-ok. As many of you may already know, my shopping go-to is Zara. They are always on trend, have exactly what I am looking for and all for a reasonable price. Recently they marked down all of their fall/winter merchandise to make room for spring, so I have been loading up that online cart a bit more than usual.

This plaid shirt-dress was a major score for me because of it’s extreme versatility. When shopping, I don’t usually gravitate towards fads or trendy pieces. If I make a purchase, I want it to last at least two seasons, no matter what the cost. So I try to keep my purchases classic. I will be wearing this shirt-dress with jeans, tights and on warmer days with bare legs and tall boots.




CityCenterDC: The Newest Luxury Destination

We are excited to share our experience at CityCenterDC with you guys from the fine dining and cute coffee spots to the many options to exercise your retail therapy at. It’s all conveniently located in one spot, where you can shop outdoors but not walk a mile to get to your next favorite store.

City Center DC- The Ultimate Luxury

CityCenterDC’s location is perfection and providing easy, accessible parking and two of the city’s busiest Metro stations near by, is just icing on the cake. Convenience is king for us, so having multiple options to get to this shopping destination is a huge plus for us. We have been loving all of the luxury stores that have been popping up and have recently been frequenting Burberry, Kate Spade and Longchamp and really looking forward to the opening of Dior and Hermes! Our husbands may not be as excited…

Trend Alert: Western Flair

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.32.09 PM

1. Asos Plaid Top  $29    2. Asos Felt Fedora $37.90   3. Rose Gold Cuff $132.30    4. Chanel Quilted 2.55 Classic Bag $3350    5. Nasty Gal x Jeffery Campbell Fringe Heels $205            6. Rag & Bone Thrasher BF Denim $295.


Seeing is Believing

Did you know that over half of all women wear glasses…crazy, I know. Donning a pair of glasses were literally teenage me’s worse nightmare. Oh how times have changed, now kids wear spectacles with faux frames! So, if over half of us ladies are required to wear some type of vision correction, then we better look good while doing so. (more…)

2015 Hair Trends You Need To Know About

Hey guys! I’m Ashley Gray Duru, artistic director at Salon Emage Day Spa, and also Sarah and Michelle’s hairstylist. I’m here today to talk hair. I love getting together with the girls during our hair “dates” and talking trends. Sarah and Michelle are some of my more fashion forward clients who love trying new things – as long as it’s blonde of course ;). Their good looks and style inspire me to push the envelope with their do’s And keep their locks right on trend. Here are some trends I’m loving right now…

Baliage baliage and more baliage!!! Hair painting is my favorite way to lighten hair these days. Trade in your solid ombré for a softer look using baliage this season.  It gives such a soft and natural look replicating that of a child’s hair or a sun kissed look. I love using this technique on my brunettes, dark blondes,  color virgins, or when breaking up a solid ombré. You can achieve anything from sun kissed- to a heavy saturated look depending on how heavy your stylist paints. It is 100 custom!

49b74555fd9049fd8a66ddac2875df40Source: Pinterest (more…)

Welcoming 2015 with South Block

IMG_17752014 has come and gone as quick as the holidays did. We both can admit that we over indulged a bit this holiday season, it’s pretty hard not to. There are just too many temptations that this time of year brings, with holiday parties, gatherings and then there is always mom’s apple pie and you know you can’t pass that up.

2015 is now here and like many others out there, we needed to get back on track and set up our goals for the year ahead. We both wanted to set realistic goals that were challenging yet still attainable. Consistent work out routines and healthier eating habits will be just the foundation to this success. 2015 will be our year, both in work and in health! (more…)

Travel Tips: Vieques


Everyone has a place. A place that they daydream about, that they yearn to visit year after year, a place where you feel at peace with yourself and can escape into total relaxation mode. Well that place for me is a Vieques. Vieques is a little tiny island off the coast of Puerto Rico that is free of cruise ships, chain hotels and everything annoying that you find in tourist infested destinations. This is exactly the reason my husband and I have returned to this little piece of paradise three glorious times.

I was almost hesitant to write this article because I kind of didn’t want to share my hidden gem with the world. What if my place get over-ridden with tourists? What if huge hotels and chain restaurants come in and spoil it’s beauty and the low key lifestyle that Vieques represents? And then I remembered that I am only publishing this on my little blog, not broadcasting it on the world news. So I hope my secret is safe with you ;). If you decide to take my advice and to travel to this tranquil island, here are my tips to total Vieques vacation success: (more…)

It’s Been Fun 2014 but Hello 2015

Can you believe it’s 2015!?! It was just the other day we were scrambling around trying to get ready for the holidays and it come and went just as fast as Rebecca Black’s Musical career. Now we are faced with the New Year! It’s sure been a fun and eventful 2014 but we are so looking forward to 2015 and the new adventures it has in store for us!

To celebrate the 2014 and welcome 2015, we rounded up our top favorite posts from 2014 in no particular order. We are so thankful for the experiences and opportunities and can’t wait to continue to share our adventures with you!


Our Xtend Barre review was one of the most exciting shoots we have had the opportunity to do. Working with so many different, amazing active wear companies while discovering our new found love of Barre was such a fun experience, all while being captured by the talented Elliott O’Donovan.



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