Hospital Bag: What to Pack

I can’t believe that I am 38 weeks pregnant and just now finalizing my hospital bag as well as sharing the deets with you. Let’s make this quick, because who knows how much time I may have!

I will say the one thing I did learn from the first go around is that you really don’t need a lot. The hospital supplies you with pretty much everything for both you and babe other than the clothes you two will be going home in. SO know these are items to make you feel more at ease in a situation that may feel a little out of the norm. Especially with our dear friend COVID still hanging around.

  1. Hospital Bag: Love the size of this style from Vessel. The compartments both inside and out are great for storage and organization which is key. Plus they engrave for you to make this bag a memorable keep sake of the big day.
  2. Clothes: Clothes to go home in for both you and babe plus another lounging set or two and pjs (Depending on your recovery) if you find the energy to change in the hospital. A few details …
    • Biker Shorts: Def. packing the Mother Tucker Shorties bc I lived in their maternity style which was so comfortable and needed the postpartum as well. It does just as the name describes. Tucks it all in.
    • Underwear: You will want some high waisted pairs that are not constricting but will also help hold those big, fun pads you will be sporting around for weeks. I love this lacey style from KB, super soft too.
    • Nursing Bra: I’ll be honest I didn’t even wear a bra last time but I’m packing two just incase. I wore both the Belly Bandit style and the Kindred Bravely crossovers while pregnant which are also nursing bras and super comfortable so they are going in the bag.
    • Socks: Bring some cozy ones with grips on the bottom to walk around those slippers hospital floors with.
    • Labor/ Delivery Gown: I didn’t bring my own last time, but thought why not this time.
  3. Toiletries: Pack the necessities of course like a tooth brush and facial soap but make sure you pack a few products that will help make you feel at home like …
    • m-61 wipes and pads: This was a must for me last time. I remember dreading to get up to even pee so having some quick and convenient cleansing cloths for your face followed by m-61 Hydraboost moisturizing and serum pads were the most refreshing feeling ever.
    • Face Mist: Another must to just make you feel better. Hydrating and reinvigorating, enough said.
    • Lip Oil or Chapstick: Get one without flavor because you don’t know how sensitive you may be in these times, but I guarantee you will need this. Something about a hospital that sucks the living moisture out of you.
  4. Set the Mood: Bring pieces from home to make you feel, well, at home.
    • Room Spray or essential oils: Transform the ambience of a cold hospital room in seconds. Love this smell specifically (exclusive to Blue Mercury).
    • Exercise/ Pregnancy Ball: I have been bouncing on one my entire 3rd trimester, mainly to flip baby as he is still breeched but it has helped relax me and it may help you as well during labor.
    • Entertainment: Bring whatever you need to pass the time. iPad, headphones, laptop, journal …
  5. Snacks: My hospital did not allow snacks during labor, but after labor its nice to have a few things to snack on that the hospital doesn’t supply. Bring something both salty and sugary because you won’t know your mood till after. Love me some Smart Sweets.

Basically, bring whatever will make your experience more comfortable, these are just a few of mine. Sending all the good vibes your way if your day is coming up! Drop a comment if you have anything to suggest or add.



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