Top 5 Ramen Shops In DC

Sakuramen-2Ramen is quite possibly one of the most popularized Asian dishes in America these days. It is no longer reserved for college students who spent all their money on booze and are left eating out of a styrofoam cup. Originally a Japanese noodle dish, consisting of Chinese wheat noodles in broth, it has morphed into a whole cuisine of its own. To feed the new ramen obsession, we’ve come up with our top 5 spots to grab a bowl.

Toki Underground-2

1. Toki Underground: With a menu inspired by Chef Yang’s experience at a Hakata Ramen shop in Taipei, the authentic, aromatic flavors at this restaurant are sure to be a hit every time. The Toki Classic is the most popular choice on the menu, but be adventurous and try their Kimchi ramen. You won’t be disappointed!

Yona Uni Waffles-2

2. Yona: This new Arlington staple is an absolute must-try. Featuring both traditional and fun twists on the classic, the menu is sure to please everyone. Plus, the small plates make it easy to share and, of course, try as many things as you want! Our necessities on a visit: the Uni Waffle and Miso Porky.


3. Momofuku: Trust us, this new City Center spot lives up to its hype. Coming in hot from New York City, the chic vibes of the restaurant combined with the amazing food flavors and aromas make this ramen shop anything but ordinary. We guarantee you’ll be happy with the Pork Buns and Ginger Scallion Noodles, but you can’t leave without a taste of the Milk Bar’s Cereal Milk Soft Serve!


4. Sakuramen Ramen Bar: An AdMo gem, Sakuramen is all about ramen as the “ultimate comfort food,” and this spot, nestled in a cozy basement, hits home in all the right places. If you’re a meat lover, definitely try the Shoki bowl. If vegetarian is more your style, go for their signature Sakuramen bowl.


5. Daikaya: This two-floor restaurant has lots to offer, no matter what you’re in the mood for. Enjoy a bowl of Shoyu on the ramen shop floor, or a cocktail on the other. The hip, urban atmosphere of this ramen shop/restaurant duo makes it the perfect place for an after-work bite or a savory weekend indulgence.

Do you have a favorite ramen shop that I missed? I love checking out new places, so please comment below!



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