Core Workout by the Beach

Core Workout by the Beach
I’m not a personal trainer. The last thing I want to do is put together a workout routine with little to no knowledge. I run often and frequent barre classes but since moving to California I’ve really enjoyed being outdoors and finding other activities to work up a sweat. So when I met Sarah Clark, a professional Personal Trainer, I was super excited to collaborate together to create a fun Core Workout by the Beach routine. If you can’t make it to a beach, find a nearby park or any flat grassy area with a view that will inspire you to power through!

Personal Trainer Sarah Clark

Let’s first meet Sarah Clark! She is a Personal Trainer from Irvine California, training for almost two years now, and has advanced quickly to teaching Pilates and Yoga Classes as well. She has an advanced background with the body due to her many years as a dancer. Trained in the art of Classical Ballet, she knows a lot about joints, muscles, and unfortunately injured ones. Many of the clients she currently works with have a lot of these same injuries but enjoy working with Sarah due to her vas knowledge both professionally and personally. She loves watching her clients reach their goals and build the strength they so desire. She is an out going, fun loving individual with a sort of style that many of her clients say keeps them loving to work out.

If you live around the So Cal area and have been interested in hiring a personal trainer, Sarah might be the perfect girl for you! Find out more by emailing her at  [email protected]

Topo Running Shoes

Ok so let’s get in to it… we put together a core work out routine that’s easy to remember, yet a crucial part of any exercise regimen. These exercises will not only strengthen the body but they will improve balance and coordination, stabilize the lower back, enhance flexibility, and promote better breathing.

Before we begin the core exercises, be sure to start off and end your workout with some warm ups and stretches. This helps decrease your risk of injuries by helping joints move through their full range of motion as well as increase the blood flow to the muscle.

Arm Stretches

Arm Stretches

Warm Up Exercise #1

  • Arm Stretches
    • Standing with legs wide take arm up and over and stretch side.
    • Hold each side for 40 seconds; do several times to fully warm up core.

Downward Dog

Warm Up Exercise #2

  • Downward Dog
    • Standing first with legs close together fold over and walk hands away from the body until you are in a sort of triangle position.
    • Here you may peddle through your feet to fully stretch out your calves and hamstrings.

Frontal Lunge

Warm Up Exercise #3

  • Frontal Lunge
    • Place one leg in front and slowly bend only front leg
    • Hold this position on each side for 30 seconds each


Warm Up Exercise #4

  • Squats
    • In order to get in the squat position properly, first place your legs slightly wider than your hips.
    • Second, bend your knees and send your bottom backwards as if sitting in a chair. Important note here is to not let the knees fall forward beyond the toes.


Now that we are warmed up, let’s get in to the Core Exercise Routine!

Leg Push

  • Leg Push (Core Exercise #1)
    • Partner 1 lay flat on the ground as partner 2 stands overhead. Partner 1 grab onto 2’s legs for support and bring legs up above head. Allow the standing partner to push legs almost to the floor, however do not fully touch the floor.
    • ***3 sets of 10 repetitions***


  • Plank Position (Core Exercise #2)
    • Holding the body up on your hands and your balls of your feet.
    • Key is making sure your head, back, and lower body are all in one perfectly straight line.
    • ***Engaging your core hold here for 1 minute intervals for at least 3-4 sets***

Jumping Jacks

  • Jumping Jacks (Core Exercise #3)- This is a great overall body toning exercise.
    • Make sure as you jump in your arms fall down and as you jump out your arm fly upwards
    • Engaging your core once again you will feel the best results from these
    • ***Doing at least 30 (2x) will be a great precursor to the bowler squat exercise next***

Bowler Squats

  • Bowler Squats (Core Exercise #4)
    • By placing one leg behind the other into a lunge position.
    • Key notes are to keep front leg facing front and parallel, and weight distributed mostly on the front leg so that only the ball of the back foot is on the ground.
    • ***3 sets of 10 squats***

Side Plank Holds

  • Side Plank Holds (Core exercise #5)
    • Start by laying on one side of your body. Top foot is placed infront of bottom and slowly raise yourself up on bottom arm. Then raise top arm up to the sky and engage your core.
    • Key is making sure your hips and shoulders are stacked one on top of the other.
    • ***Hold each plank for 30 seconds, 3x***
    • (For advanced version lower hips to the floor and bring arm down on top of leg then lift back up to that starting plank position.

Begging Partner Cool Down Stretch

Once you are done with all your reps, it’s time to cool down and relax those muscles you just worked…

  • Begging Partner Cool Down Stretch
    • Each partner sit facing the other with legs open. Grabbing each others hands each partener takes a turn to pull the other closer to the floor.
    • Key is to hold long enough to feel nice soft pull in inner thighs and lower back. Hold for 30 seconds Each and pull each about 3x’s

And that’s it!!

Make sure you repeat the work out exercises 1-5 at least 3 times for a full work out. Once you master the steps and the routine, this will be an easy go-to core work out that you can do almost anywhere. As easy as it looks, you will feel the burn tomorrow, I promise.

Coola Sunscreen

When doing any activities outside, always remember to wear sunscreen. I’ve been wearing Coola products and love that they are organic and multi-functional by providing you with specific sun protection while also making it easy to integrate into your daily skin care regimen. My absolute favorite that I wear now every day is the Matte Makeup Setting Spray. Easy to put on and keeps your makeup looking fresh and set all day!

Onzie Gear

Wearing- Complete look by OnzieTank, BraLeggings. Sneakers: Topo Fli-Lyte Running shoes



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    I’m so excited to discover your blog! This is such a great workout and I love your gear!

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