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When Sarah and  Michelle told me I should contribute a post on fall fashions under $100, I thought, “Umm, well…like, actual good clothes that cost less than $100? Umm…” Which is not to say that I’m some rich snob who only wears $800 shoes. I don’t own any $800 shoes. C’mon, my last name isn’t Rockefeller! (And my husband reads this blog. Hi honey!) Ahem. So, no of course all of my clothes aren’t expensive, but I think I’m a savvy shopper: I find good deals, I tend to buy off-season items on sale and I never set out to shop for, say, a party dress. I see a dress that I love, I buy it and I find a party later. And I always find party worthy of a good dress.

That said, I believe in investing in quality. When everything in your closet is well-made and looks good on, you always look good. So after I negotiated my baseline to $150….ish, I set out looking. I’m not going to insult our good readers’ intelligence by sending you to Forever 21 or Old Navy. You know they sell cheap affordable clothes. That tend to fall apart after a season. I’ve been known to put in earplugs and walk into F21 and come out with 15 trendy items totaling $60 that I’ll throw away in 2 months. My trick is that I put those items with the good stuff and nobody is the wiser. More on that some other time, here’s my look, uber-cool, on-trend, with clean lines and subtle, expensive-looking accessories. And yup – everything under $150.

(click each photo to shop the look)

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Let us know what you think and which items you save on and which you splurge on!



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