#52DayShred Round 2 Testimonials

Our second round of the #52DayShred came and went so quickly. I guess time flies when you’re flexible dieting! This round of ladies were incredible, very adherent to their plans and lucky for us we made 25 new friends along the way. But before we gear up for Round 3, starting in just one week (August 21), we wanted to share some of our top achiever’s stories.

If you aren’t familiar with the #52DayShred program, it’s a flexible dieting nutrition challenge that we developed with our Nutrition Coach, Leah Clark. In the program we teach our members the right nutrition tools to:  1) Get the body they have always wanted, 2) Achieve their fitness goals, and 3) Make properly fueling their bodies a sustainable lifestyle. We have been blown away by all the members in our #52DayShred challenges so far and we are so excited to share their experiences with the program!



I’ll be turning 40 this November.  Don’t worry, I already had my freak out about it when I turned 38.  I adjusted my focus from panic over “feeling old” and what I hadn’t yet accomplished to setting goals I could focus on with 40 as a target.  After spending my thirties discovering my inner athlete and learning to love myself, I have adopted an even deeper attitude of gratitude and living life fully in the present.  It was in this spirit that I joined the #52DayShred as both a gift to myself and a challenge to try something new.  Here’s what I’ve learned.

  1. The time for change is NOW.

If you are ready to make a change, start right now.   As in, if you’re reading this to find out whether you should sign up for the Shred, pause and send that email.  You don’t need to wait until Monday, New Year’s Day, to have “enough time,” for motivation to come or really, anything.  Big goals require small steps—take one step today towards the change you want.  Sign up for the 52 Day Shred.  Start making healthier choices today—don’t even wait for the Shred to begin.  Get in the habit of making healthy choices and when you’re faced with a pile of your favorite indulgence on a bad day you may find yourself passing it by.  And if you don’t, make the next right choice.

  1. Squad Goals.

Without a doubt the greatest thing about the 52 Day Shred is what I call the ShredSquad—the group of women (in my case) who are all committed to the same challenge.  When you set a goal like this, it’s important to let people know that it’s what you’re doing, and to build yourself a Squad of your own.  I went beyond my comfort zone and posted frequently on social media about the shred—not just because I was motivated to win some prizes 😊!  It was my way of supporting my Squad, and it also earned me more support—people from all areas of my life were cheering me on, asking about the Shred, and learning about macros from me!  It adds accountability and more importantly, a realistic, reliable resource to help you crush those goals.

  1. Be Kind to yourself

We all, especially women, carry a lot of messages in our brains about our bodies and what they can do.  Most of these are false, negative messages that sabotage our goals.  Start paying attention to what you tell yourself when you fail, are frustrated, compare yourself to others, or are just having a bad day.  Listen to each of those messages and one by one, change the tape.

  1. Measure what Matters

Finally, the results!  Did I lose 50 pounds in a minute?  Nope.  One of the other brilliant designs of the #52DayShred is a full assessment of your goals—weight change can certainly be one of them.  You’re not walking around this world, living your life with a digital scale display on your forehead for everyone to see.  You are so much more than that number.  Choose a few goals—some you know you can crush, some that will surprise you when you do.  What’s important is that you measure what matters.  For me, it was all about having my clothes fit again, feeling good in my body, learning a sustainable way of healthy eating, and achieving some new milestones in my fitness routine.


#52DayShred Round 2 Testimonials


#52DayShred Round 2 Testimonials

– Patricia A. – Winner of #52DayShred Round 2!


One major takeaway for me during this 52DayShred Challenge was learning how to properly fuel my body. For the past 4 years of my weight loss journey, I under-ate the amount of calories I needed to consume when trying diets like Whole30, Paleo, etc. Although I knew about macros, I mostly looked at them when grocery shopping but nothing more. It wasn’t until the challenge that I began to calculate them. There were days when I would shove protein down my throat to meet my numbers and days when I went way over. But we’re only human! Nevertheless, thanks to the weekly check-ins with Leah, I learned to just stay consistent and start every day as a new day. In the end, I lost a few pounds, body fat, and inches off my waist. In addition, I gained more energy to perform during my workouts, strength, and an increase in self-confidence when people around me gave me compliments or asked what I was doing differently. Thank you to Leah and Sarah for joining forces and putting this great program together. If you’re looking to change your nutrition habits for something to accommodate your lifestyle, or just want to lose weight, the 52DayShred will show you exactly how and will help you do just that! So what are you waiting for??! You won’t regret it!

#52DayShred Round 2 Testimonials

– May-Lissa L.


I was always the person that worked out to eat and not the other way around.  I didn’t pay attention much to what my body actually needed.  I had heard a few things here and there about “counting macros” but I never took the time to look much into it.  It wasn’t till I had dinner with Sarah one random night and she mentioned how much she was learning about her body counting macros.  This piqued my interest because while I certainly like food I also like learning about my body as I get older.  I decided to give the 52 Day Shred a shot.  I was sooo nervous because I had never really “dieted” before.  I don’t even like to call this a diet because it’s not.  It’s paying attention to what you’re putting into your body while still enjoying the food that you want. It’s encouraging to not only not have to give up my favorite foods (or drinks), but to see results and feel confident too.  Even Leah did a double take at me and said, “Girl, you look great!”

#52DayShred Challenge Results

-Michaela C. 

These gorgeous transformations are so inspiring to us. Our fellow #52DayShred members will be your new girlfriends, motivators, and supporters. With the #52DayShred behind you, we know you can achieve your goals!

Ready to start your macro counting journey? Sign up for our next #52DayShred starting August 21st! We have a few spots left and would love to have you. Email us at [email protected] to secure your spot today!


Sarah, Leah, and Michelle



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