Motherhood: What Being A Mother Is All About

What is motherhood?


I came across a quote I really enjoyed. That “being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child, but what you gained from having one“. It’s crazy how having a baby will flip your world upside down yet in an instant that baby will too become your entire world in the best way possible.

My husband and I used to be quite the wannabe “foodies”. We would try new restaurants each weekend and indulge in all the chef’s specials and delicious wine list. Today, in this day in age, it’s the last thing I want to do. After a long work week consisting of us coming home in the evening while frantically cooking/ eating dinner as a family with very little play time left over, the weekend is what we look forward to the most. All I want is to do is find fun activities and things to do to make my baby girl happy! But of course a date night, with good food once every few months is necessary for our sanity.

Like I said, being home with baby A brings me all the joy in the world. When we moved in to our new home, I wanted to make sure the place felt cozy and of course safe for her. With all the hard wood floors we needed more rugs and carpeting ASAP. I always turn to Lorena Canals rugs because they make the cutest, kid friendly, machine washable rugs. Yes, I said it. Machine washable!! That’s a game changer. Throw up, food, dirt, whatever comes its’ way, simply toss in the wash and it’s brand new. Their rugs have made life with a toddler so much easier and cleaner!

We added this cute palm leaf piece in the kitchen nook so it wouldn’t feel so bare and a pop of color to her nursery. I love the colors and how they really complete each room. We are still working on the finishing touches but this is the perfect start! More house updates soon to come.

Motherhood is the most amazing thing and I thank her every day for choosing me.




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    August 31, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    A nice find A winner.. for the priceFirst time with this vendor I have numerous 100% wool rugs in my house prefer to cover w/w carpet with rugs..Was so impressed with quality and workmanship ordered a second 4X6 in a different pattern.Looking at a couple more to complete placing rugs in other rooms .highly recommended .. only one small issue.. not a “tufted cut wool rug .so the patterns are a little “blurrednot an issue for

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