Kickin’ It With 52 Intern Ashley Kim

Kickin' It With 52 Intern Ashley Kim
Hey, guys! My name is Ashley, and I am a sophomore at the George Washington University located in the heart of Washington, DC. I am a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. I have the privilege of working with the amazing and bad ass Sarah for the next couple of months. Today, I specifically have the privilege of talking to you about college fashion styles and tips. Ever since I was five-years-old, able to pick out my own outfits for Kindergarten, I have been obsessed with fashion and expressing myself through my personal style and adaptations of trends. As independent as I seemed as a five-year-old, my mother still had the power to nag me into wearing comfortable shoes for a mother-daughter date into New York City, when I wanted to wear brand new flats I had not broken into. I still have to thank her for that.

Today, as a college student, with some days as long as 9am to 6pm, I have learned that comfort is my best friend. I have walked here and there, end to end, so many times in booties, heels, and flats that hurt my feet so badly, I walked like my knee joints were locked when I finally was able to take them off – and I am very good at walking in heels and bearing pain (it’s one of the gifts of being only five-feet tall). After many painful and resentful lessons learned, I bumped sneakers up to first string on my roster of shoes for my long days. Don’t worry – I know the word “sneakers” sounds so ugly, but they absolutely don’t have to be. With streetwear in the rotation of modern day fashion, you can look like a sporty fashionista and be comfortable, conquering your day.

Pick up a pair of classic black Nike Roshe Runs or a pair of Adidas Stan Smith for a more casual, sporty vibe (I own both and I love them to death). If sporty isn’t really your thing, then opt for Vince canvas sneakers. Pair your kicks with a dope bomber jacket, or an oversized wrap coat for the colder days. If you’re really feeling casual, throw on some joggers but dress it up with a leather jacket. And here’s a closet staple tip – put ripped denim and sneakers together and you instantly get sporty chic. It’s as easy as it sounds to look good and feel good.

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